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Developing views concerning the medieval feudal context of the Plants

Around the times of my 1999 millennium talk, I (JSP) broached the topic of who might have been the feudal overlords ruling over the first Plants. At that time, I pointed for example to the Blundeville earl of Chester or perhaps the early Lancastrians as well as the Warren earls of Surrey. By 2004, I had added an initial webpage to this site (updated subsequently) mentioning not least the Warren earls who had descended from Henry II's illegitimate half brother, Hamelyn. This related to just 3 or 4 coincident locations between the Warrens and early Plant records. However, even for these, alternative explanations were possible, such as..

In place of a few ambiguous coincident locations between the early Plants and the Warrens, it became clear that the Longspée-Audley feudal line of lords could explain the location of essentially all of the early Plants. We can accordingly consider that the first Plants were peasants under this particular noble line, which descends from an illegitimate son called William Longspée of Henry II. By 2015, the evidence had been augmented by steadily more information, such as that which had become available with the help of leads on the web. This has led to a clarity that the Longspée-Audley hypothesis is far superior to the Warren one, with around 20 coincident locations between the Longspée-Audley lords and essentially all of the available thirteenth- and fourteenth-century records for the first Plants in England..

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