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Some details about the Web Author

John Stewart Plant BSc PhD MBCS MInstP CITP has worked in University Computing Departments since 1976 and, before that, in University Physics Departments and nuclear Research Institutes in England, Australia and France. He has published variously in the academic literature since 1968, mainly in scientific journals, such as on the atomic structure and quantum chemistry of vitamin B6. More recently, he holds the registration of the Plant name in the Guild of One-Name Studies and has published relevant articles in, for example, the Guild journal and the journal, Nomina, of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland (S.N.S.B.I.):-

Some recent genetic genealogy publications

Some earlier scientific publications some still being cited

Mostly in sole authorship. PhD thesis on neutron diffraction, 1970. Studies of the atomic structure and quantum chemistry of Vitamin B6 published in: Acta Crystallography B, 1980; International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 1986 and 1989. Neutron Scattering Amplitude determination published in: Zeit.Kryst., 1968. Neutron studies of magnons in yttrium iron garnet published in: Journal of Physics C, 1977 and 1983. Methodologies for determining chemical ordering, form-factors and detailed magnetic structures by neutron diffraction and neutron polarisation analysis published in: Journal of Physics F, 1971, 1973, 1979, 1981 and 1982; Crystallography Reviews, 1991.

[Spintronics has revived citation of a Heusler alloy paper (1971) for example, co-authored with G E Bacon (who was the 1999 gold medal winner for experimental physics, as awarded by the Institute of Physics). As an example of the slow acceptance of new ideas, my pure physics research of yig magnons began in 1972 leading to sole-authorship papers: a first paper (1977) attracted long-lasting citations, but a second less conventional one (1983) was evidently ignored for 30 years until 2014, when it was found relevant to such spintronic effects as LSSE and proof of principle for the first magnonic transistor (a potential improvement on a normal electronic transistor). Some recent papers by others still do not take full account of the more complex details that I found in the second paper.]

Professional Organisations

Member of British Computing Society (1983); Member of the Institute of Physics, U.K. (1986); Chartered IT Professional (2005).

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